You can turn the X icon to Twitter on your phone

  • Many Twitter users suddenly become unhappy (or, in many cases, X-worlds) to become a user. No one can do anything about the strange decision of Elon’s mask, but one of the most recognized brands in the world can be changedcanChange the icon and name to the original on our smartphone.

  • What is the XAP and why is it on your phone suddenly?

    If you haven’t followed the news of the noise on Twitter since Musk took over the social media network in late The latest move by a mask in late July was the latest move by the masked mask in late July (and with a few worries with less worries), iconic Twitter brands, bird logos, and digging of words like “twick”, and rebrands as “exx”, with which “X” was called “X”. To boot, simplified capital-letter-on-a—cab of the log. So if you think what the x app is, and it suddenly pop up on your device…it’s just Twitter, but it’s a little bad, and you see the Twitter app updates (or update your device to the auto -nabalikar). . .

    How to change the name and icon of X in the iPhone

    1. Download a Twitter icon on your phone and save it as a photo. There are many options. I chose this—the ancient “T” Twitter icon.
    2. Navigate your phone to the “starct” app. It is pre-installed on a new phone, but if you cannot find it using the iOS’S search feature, you can download shortcuts in the App Store. The shortcut is available only for iOS 12.0 or above.
    3. From the main shortcut screen, tap “all shortcuts”.
    4. Press the “+” sign at the top right of the screen so that you can create a new shortcut.
    5. \”Open App\” tape
    6. Read “open app” in the top search bar. Choose “App” and then search for “x” or scroll.
    7. Tap the “Share” button below.
    8. tap “Added home screen”.
    9. Change “the name of the house and the icon” to “Twitter” (or “mask stupid”, if you like it.)
    10. Click the icon on the left side of your Twitter Twitter. Click the “Photo”.
    11. Keep your downloaded Twitter icon photo. Use this picture of the dumpster fire.
    12. Tap the “add” tap to the right.
    13. Find out the old x icon on your screen, tap, “Remove home screen”, and the work has been completed.

    If you want, you can automatically redetermin x/twitter icons using your Twitter shortcut,Retrol bowls,Or any app that notx. . Are you more visible students? Here you have a step to change the X in your iPhone- there are bye-stap video guides.

    How to change the name and icon of X in Android

    Since Android runs from various manufacturers on the phone, there are many ways to change your app icons depending on your special smartphone makes and models. If you are looking for a fast and dirty method, however, the shortcut maker is the way to leave:

    1. Download a Twitter icon on your phone and save it as a photo. Again, there are many options, but it is better to find a boundless one based on the form of modern Android apps.
    2. Download the shortcut maker from the Play Store.
    3. Open the shortcut maker, then select “Apps” from the alternative menu.
    4. Scroll down and tap “X”.
    5. Choose “Tap to Let Labe”, then change the name of the label to “Twitter”.
    6. Tap “Icon”, then select “Gallery Image” to choose your Twitter icon from your photo. Resolve the size of the crop in the photo, then click on the checkmark.
    7. Press the checkmark again, then select “Create a shortcut”. Here, you can draw your new shortcut to the home screen, or add through the system option.

    The negative aspect of the shortcut maker is that it adds an arrow to your app icon and indicates that it itself is not an app, it is just a pseudonym. If you want to change the X’s App icon yourself, you will have to follow the instructions for your specific Android phone. Android police have a big simple guide for app customization.

    Although you have successfully removed the “X” chang-over—at least on your phone’s screen—all things inside the app known as Twitter will still be visible, but Twitter wants to see it. At the moment, it is an app called “X”, but everything else remains Twitter-branded. In other words, it is a true mess.

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