You can try to Write Directly in Windows Text Fields Now

Most of our devices these days have touch screens. It allows us to mix the best in the two worlds: write when it makes sense to write and write when it makes sense to write. Microsoft finally adapts this philosophy to Windows, providing personal computers users to write in any text field through Windows INK.

But before you hold your style and start scribble in the field of searching on this site, you know this feature is not yet official. According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently tested with the informed as part of the new Windows 11 preview Build 23481. But when you have and run it on your computer, it works as you expect: \\ \”Windows ink \\\” The update allows you to write on any field Edit in Windows, the operating system will convert your writing into a text message. Regardless, the ink is now better to recognize your handwriting and will erase a mistake if you scratch it.

These are welcome changes. Previously, text handwriting was limited to subsidized applications only, such as Onenote, as well as spaces specially designed for this feature. Now, Windows INK puts a touch -based computer according to other devices such as iPad that supports handwriting text and field editing.

The feature is not perfect yet. Currently, you will not be able to use your writing to erase the text while browsing with Microsoft Edge, and may give you the troublesome address box. Some of the Liberation fields, such as search boxes and comments field, in Microsoft 365 applications are also great, and the feature fails directly in Word and Excel. But since this feature is still in the early stages of the test, Microsoft is likely to absorb these errors in time.

How to update Windows INK to support handwriting to the text

This Microsoft is currently testing these new Windows INK updates with a limited collection of people in Dev. Although all DeV channel laboratory will see it today, it will continue to put the additional work, so the best opportunity to test it as soon as possible is to register on DeV now.

As a warning, DeV channel is the place where Microsoft offers the latest features in insider. By choosing to accept these updates, you are at risk of installing incomplete programs that may interfere with the daily use of your computer.

As long as you are okay with risk, the first step is to register your Microsoft account for Insider. Once you do so, go toStart> Settings> Windows Update> Windows InsiderThen choose the Dev channel. Restart your computer, check a new update, and install it when ready.

Although this new handwriting feature may not be available immediately, you can check this by going toSettings> Bluetooth and devices> Perist and windows inkUnder \\ \”Hands of Handfunny\”.

Other new changes to inspect Insider Build 23481

Microsoft has added changes and other features to this new construction, including removing some old settings in folder options, and the interface of a new concentration session as part of the watch application, which is \”the built -in mode\” to separate Windows on the taskbar, and rename chat with \\ \”Microsoft – for free\”, the ability to remove and integrate tabs into the file explorer, and the new text composition experiences in sound access, as well as a series of error repairs.

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