Synchronization For Reddit again, Rut Now For Lemmy

  • Synchronization for Reddit fans, rejoicing: Sync returns from death! However, it did not return to connect you to Reddit. To use it, you must be committed to a completely different social networking platform. Let’s dive.

Synchronization for new deaths -this is Reddit

Sync for Reddit is a popular client that connects Android users to Reddit for a solid decade. That is, until Reddit suddenly changes the rules about charging for fire access, features that allow third-party applications to be completely connected to Reddit. According to the developer, the indictment was very high, with Apollo for the developer Reddit Christian Selig said it would cost $ 20 million per year to continue operating the application.

Thus, all Main Third Party Reddit applications closed their digital doors on June 30, one day before the change in fire prices applies. That includes SYNC for Reddit: In a short post, LJ Dawson developers deplored Sync Shutt Down, saying how they did not want to close the application and thank the community that made the application possible in the first place. As you can see from nearly 3,000 comments on the Utas, the community feels the same way.

While many third-party Reddit applications have hung their hat, SYNC is not at least, not completely. Although there is no travel around the absurd fire price (most certainly designed to kill applications such as synchronous service.

Introducing: Synchronization for Lemmy

New synchronization applications, which are now available in beta on the Play Store, for Lemmy, not Reddit. Lemmy, for those who don’t know, like Reddit, but federation. Unlike Reddit, Lemmy is not run by one company or one website; Conversely, it consists of a collection of servers, all of which can talk to each other to make a cohesive experience. This is similar to the comparison between Mastodon and Twitter: Both platforms allow you to post your thoughts and follow people who post their thoughts, but while Twitter is run by one company, Mastodon consists of a different server federation.

Once you are accustomed to this different approach, Lemmy might turn into a suitable alternative Reddit. If so, the former synchronization for Reddit users may only find a home synchronized for Lemmy, which is equipped with the material you support, swipe actions, adapted quick action, amoled dark mode, and more. This commentator said many things.

Sync for Lemmy is a free download, and is available for use. However, if you are interested in certain features, such as no advertisements, cloud reserves, marking users, translating text, and choosing text from images, you can subscribe to SYNC Ultra, which runs for $ 1.99 per month, or $ 16 , 99 per year if you want to do and save a little money.

You can download Sync to Lemmy from the Play Store here.

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