Less well -known Apps Everyone Should install on the new Windows PC

One of the best parts of the acquisition of a new PC is the removal of all software and replacing it with your favorite programs. Of course, you probably have a list of programs you set by default. But if you only adhere to what you know, there are probably some hidden gems that you are missing. Here are 16 such applications that everyone should download to a new PC.

First, the necessary things

Some applications are so ubiquitous that you will not need a lot of convincing, so I will throw them first. They are

  • Firefox: Although Chrome and its derivatives have been adopted by the Internet, we still recommend Firefox for its excellent balance between new features and privacy. Get these apps and you will never look around.
  • VLC Media Player: If you watch a video on your PC, you should get VLC Media Player. It reproduces every video file that you can throw at it and it has been a rock-hard decades.
  • 7-ZIP: This is the best application for compression and decompression files (for most people). 7-ZIP is free and supports all popular compression formats such as ZIP, RAR and 7z.
  • Sumatrappdf: This is a fast and easy PDF reader. Get it if you don’t want your browser to open all PDF files.
  • IrfanView: If you want an image viewer, don’t look further than IrfanView. It also has some basic processing and editing opportunities.


Regardless of the fact that it is a new machine or clean Windows installation on your old computer, PatchMypc is a must. It shows you a list of useful applications and allows you to choose the ones you want on your PC. After selecting, you click one button and PatchMypc sets all the applications at a time.

It also installs these programs in the background, so you can continue to work or play on your PC without interruption. Even if you have already set the car, you can always use PatchMypc to quickly update all your programs. It even automatically updates programs that need to manually install every time they release a new version.

Microsoft Powertoys

Microsoft Powertoys is a set of tools that add extended features, such as window control, the speed of the mouse cursor and the search feature, reminiscent of your PC. Take time to pass your tool set to find the ones you use the most. We have a convenient list that will help you with this.


Portmaster is a useful firewall program that allows you to stop applications and services from a phone house. In practice, it shows you a list of applications that come in contact with different servers on the Internet and allow you to stop them.

Some of these compounds are conducted to check the updates of applications and other useful tasks, but some of these ping are also unnecessary. You can easily check and block them with a portmaster. The application also allows you to choose DNS services that are favorable for privacy, such as DNS Cloudflare or Adguard DNS, which automatically block trackers and malicious software.


All is a free application that speeds up the search on your Windows PC by indexing the names of all the files on your computer. It returns the resultsfast. If you remember a certain file name or file type but not sure where you saved the document on your PC, everything will help you find it quickly.


Want to update your Windows screenshot tool by default? Sharex is all that you need. It doesn’t look great, but it works incredibly well and very configured. You can set up Sharex for complex workflows such as loading screenshots into several cloudy places at once, or use it to simply store screenshots in your clipboard.

The app also supports screen records, grabbing GIFs and scroll scrolls. If you feel full of its tools, get acquainted with our guide with the ease of setting up Sharex.


If you have a personal musical library, you should check the MusicBee. It helps you manage and play songs from your own musical collection. I use it to transmit high home server audio files, and it was still a great experience. The app is quite fast adding large libraries and even quickly scans the library when you add new music.


Caliber is the best application for bibliophiles, especially for those who own e -book reader. It can manage a large e -book library and turn them into the right formats for almost every device for reading e -books there.

This is especially good with Kindle and you will find it to send all your e -books from your PC to the e -book reader. Caliber is also a capable of reading an e -book for those who prefer to read books on their PC.


If you want a good free writing application for Windows, try Obsidian. It has a neat interface, including convenient writing mode without distraction. The app supports Markdown, which makes it great for those who publish their words on the Internet.

You can also use obsidian as an application for a log and you can find out more about this.


Everyone should use password manager and Bitwarden is the best free option for most people. Its free level has almost all the functions that you have to be from the passwords manager, and the application is available on all popular platforms, which means that your passwords will be available on all your devices.

If you don’t use passwords manager yet, it’s hard to find a better option than a bitwarden. If you are ready to pay for the best app interface on Apple devices, storing documents and the best password exchange features, then 1password is a great alternative.


FXSOUund is a great free equizer and a volume control app. It contains many useful equizer presets that optimize sound output for different types of audio. For example, his pre -installed movies automatically increase the volume of dialogue and reduces other sounds. Many contemporary films, for some unclear reasons, have an incredibly low dialogue volume, and FXSsound makes it easy to correct it.

With a ven

You should always keep a bootable USB -drive that lies around because you never know when you need it. If your computer is contaminated or if your hard drive fails, you can use a USB bootable for loading into your desired operating system and troubleshooting problems.

Ventony is a great app for this, as it requires you to format a USB -storage unit only once. From there, you can copy as many Image Image files (ISO) as you need, and you can boot from any operating systems that you copied on the disk.

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