All New Thread Features You Have To Know

Are you sick of twitter / x but struggling to leave behind behind? Alternatives like a meta thread probably not liked but losing many standard features already knows and love. But leave x we ​​need, because, among many other reasons, x issuch asstupid names.

Untungna, thors lalaunan beuki bageur sakumaha meta terus nambihan fitur-sapertos twitter anyar. The following three features launched this week, as Mark Zuckerberg announced in a thread on Wednesday, but others on this list were added previously, and there will likely be more to follow.

  • Download the yarn for Android
  • Download the thread for iPhone

Share article to DMS Instagram

If you see a book that knows one of your current instagistics friends now you can resolve directly to DMS Instagram, only you can share tweets for your twitter. Click the Share button, then press \\ \”Send it on Instagram. \\\”

Alt’s text for media

Alt text adding context to the photo or video you upload to your social media feed. You can do it on Twitter, and now you can do in threads. Just hit the \\ \”Alt \\\” button that shows on your media, then enter what you want.

A new choice

When you want someone to tag someone on the yarn, the option of mentioned new to make it quick and easy to do so. Said, enter \\ \”@ \\\” followed by account name is always used.

See you like

Yes, this is a new feature! And no, it is not especially. To view the likes, head to your profile tab, tap the top right, then press \\ \”You’ll see this as part of the profile tab during the next twitter, such as twitter.


However, Bays don’t launch with this Food, meaning all the applications are mixed with threads that look forward to the required thread. The experience is still on tab \\ \”13 TA9, but if you tap the logo on the top of the center, you will reveal this tab.

Translation thread

If you see the tut to leave your feed in the language you don’t understand, you’ll see a small icon below the application of your application’s standard language can translate into your application default language. It is not quite clear as translation to translation Tantit twitters, but here.

Notifications for your account does not follow

Following the contra is a traditionally traditional act, especially when there are many interesting accounts on the platform. If you see your account you want to keep your heartball tab, but you do not want to formally follow them, head to his profile and tap Bon.

Follow the new account easier

It’s always easy to down the new account, and it’s also easy on Thorhs. Tap (+) attached to a avatar of what account you want to do.

What is still lost from thread

Thread is still not perfect, and you will feel something less when scrolling on the platform. Is, the web application (site now is a pretty ad), Verse the first-handed device (only zuckerberger means \\ \”Search and webs \\\” will launch several weeks. Perhaps Hashtags will arrive as part of the search, but no one said.

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